Kernot Fellowship Gathering 2016

Date: Wednesday 20 April 2016

The Kernot Fellowship bequest society was established in 2006 after the School’s long association with a number of supporters who wish to recognise the Melbourne School of Engineering in their Will.

This bequest society was named after the most esteemed professor William Charles Kernot, who was both a founding recipient of the first Engineering Certificate offered by the University of Melbourne as well as the Founding Professor of Engineering.

Different to previous years, members of the Kernot Fellowship gathered together for an intimate afternoon tea, where the Dean of Engineering, Professor Iven Mareels provided an update to the guests on the Schools visions and plans for 2016 and beyond. Master of Engineering Mechanical students gave a short presentation on how the 3D scanners work and what they are used for in the engineering department, what 3D printing allows the engineering students to do and how that has improved the quality of the projects produced and how this has been applied to a specific engineering project (the Global Capstone 2016 which is the design of the active adaptive landing gear of quadcopter UAVs).

Guests were then ushered to the Melbourne School of Design to take part in the Heritage Society lecture Gaudi’s Multi-Dimensional Mysteries by Professor Mark Burry, Professor of Urban Futures.

Student Representatives

Vincent Khau, Master of Engineering (Mechanical)

Aliza Wajih, Master of Engineering (Mechanical)

James Keenan, Master of Engineering (Mechanical)

Photographed by Wendy Wen Wen Zhao

These photos are for personal interest only. Please contact the Engineering Advancement Team if you require a higher resolution copy for printing, have any questions, or wish to use these photographs in a public arena.