Kernot Fellowship Luncheon 2015

Thursday 26 March 2015

The Kernot Fellowship was established in 2006 after the School’s long association with a number of supporters who wish to recognize the Melbourne School of Engineering in their Will. This bequest society was named after the most esteemed professor William Charles Kernot, who was both a founding recipient of the first Engineering Certificate offered by the University of Melbourne as well as the Founding Professor of Engineering. It was originally established through the leadership of the Melbourne School of Engineering Foundation (MSE Foundation) then known as Melbourne University Engineering Foundation (MUEF).

During this year’s Luncheon, we were able to celebrate and recognise Mr Graham Beanland (BE(ElecEng)(1951)) for his legacy gift towards the School of Engineering. It was wonderful to officially welcome Graham into the Fellowship.

Photographed by LeBin Teo

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